How Do I Make A Travel Reservation Online?

00:00: In this guide, you will learn how to reserve a Chauffeur with Satyr Limo. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to easily make your reservation. 00:10: First, select the Occasion of the trip. For this example, we're planning a trip from the airport, so we can select "Airport." Our rates don't change based on the occasion; we just want to provide the best possible service. We do charge a flat fee for entering D I A as a commercial vehicle, though. 00:30: Next, we'll need to select the number of passengers. Perhaps we're travelling with our spouse. We'll select "2" to answer "How Many Passengers?" 00:40: Next, we need to determine how many bags we're bringing. Satyr Limos have a 17.4 Cubic Foot Luggage capacity. In this case, let's assume we're travelling with two checked bags. 00:53: Select the date you'd like to request a chauffer. We can accommodate travel as soon as the next day. 01:00: Dates with grey text are unavailable. Dates with a red background are fully booked, and are likely unavailable. Dates with a green background have some bookings and are filling up fast! 01:13: Our availability is limited. If we are serving other guests, we'll let you know ahead of time that we're likely unavailable during your requested travel time by displaying a red box over the travel time during a 24 hour day. 01:27: Next, we'll want to select the time for our pickup. Select the hour, then the minute. 01:33: Specify whether your ride is in the morning or evening. 01:37: Click on the "Ok" button to confirm. 01:40: Time to plan the trip! Click on "Search for your pick-up point..." 01:45: Since we're being picked up from the airport, we'll select Denver International Airport as our pickup point. 01:52: Now that we've added our pickup point, let's search for our first destination. 01:57: It'd be smart to pick up some winter gear for our trip to Aspen. Enter "REI Denver" in the provided field, and select the location you'd like to travel to. You can use addresses as well as location or business names. 02:12: Select the search bar again, and we'll find our hotel. 02:16: Perhaps we're staying at The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. 02:21: It should only take an hour or so to do our shopping, so let's select that. 02:26: to complete your itinerary, press next to fill in your contact details 02:32: Click on the "Billing Name" field to enter your name. 02:36: Optionally add a preferred name and pronouns. We use the Preferred Name to address you in person and on the phone. If the preferred name matches your billing name, you're not required to fill out this section 02:50: Input the desired email address. You will receive an email to register with our portal and confirm your quote here. We'll use this number to both call and text you to help arrange your ride before and on the day of your travel. 03:05: What's Aspen without some winter sports? Let us know if you would like us to equip our limo with a roof rack to handle skis, snowboards, fishing poles, or similar items you may be travelling with. 03:18: This is a great field to let us know what your flight number might be, or any special requests you might have. 03:25: That's it! We'll send you an email with the next steps and be in touch soon! 03:31: To complete your reservation, we'll send you an invoice for a 20% deposit. We'll request the full amount of the invoice one week before travel. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at 970 78 SATYR.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What areas does Satyr Limo operate in?
  • A: We provide chauffeured luxury limousine service intrastate in Colorado. We do not provide interstate service at this time.
  • Q: Is there an extra fee for limousine service to and from Denver International Airport (DIA)?
  • A: Satyr Limo charges an additional $25 flat fee for every trip segment that involves entering or exiting Denver International Airport
  • Q: I'm having trouble using the online scheduling service, can I call to make a booking?
  • A: You can always call us to schedule a ride. We can also work with you to schedule over email. Our phone number is +1 970 78 SATYR and you can reach us at [email protected].
  • Q: I've requested a quote online, what's next?
  • A: You'll receive an email invitation to use our online portal. After you confirm your quote, we'll send you an invoice to pay online. If travel takes place within one week of booking, we'll send you an invoice for 100% of the value of the quote. If the travel takes place after one week the booking date, we'll send you an invoice for 20% of the value of the quote. Your travel reservation is confirmed once we've received your payment.
  • Q: I need to change the details of my travel reservation, what are my next steps?
  • A: Reach out to us via phone, email, or the online portal and we can work together to accommodate your changes. Change orders may require a new invoice, and may be refused if we are unable to accommodate your new travel plans. If we are unable to accommodate your change order, our cancellation policies (next) will apply.
  • Q: I need to cancel my paid travel reservation, what are my next steps, and what should my expectations be?
  • A: Travel can be stressful enough, but we strive to make it simple and elegant. If your travel plans change, and you can no longer utilize your travel reservation, we are happy to offer you a voucher usable for a future reservation at 100% of the value you've already paid. We do not offer refunds on cancelled travel.
  • Q: How should I communicate with my driver? What should I expect on the day of travel?
  • A: Your Satyr Limo chauffeur will utilize the phone number you've provided to send you a text message (SMS) when they are on their way from the garage to your pickup location. You may call or text them on this number at any time during your travel, for example, to announce that you are ready to resume travel during a "Driver Wait" segment in your itinerary.
  • Q: Something outside of my control (delayed flight, inclement weather, etc) has impacted my travel? What do I do now?
  • A: While we will be monitoring the status of your flight, you might not be able to communicate a diverted flight or a severe delay until the last moment. We'll reach out proactively to help coordinate your travel as soon as we can contact you. Once we've contacted you, we'll work with you to accommodate your new travel plans. In the event we cannot accommodate the new travel reservation, we'll work to connect you with a trusted affiliate to complete your journey.